The importance of visual content in SMM



The importance of visual content in SMM

The importance of visual content in SMM


It's a fact that Facebook publications supported by images increase engagement rate by 2-3 times․


According to researches when people get information, three days later they're likely to remember only 10% of it. However, if the same information is accompanied by a relevant image, people retained 65% of the information within the same period.


Thus, the use of visual media is widely implemented in content marketing. Taking into account the fact that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and that visual information is processed faster this trend is not surprising.


Most used types of visuals include videos, gif, illustrations, infographics and photos.

The right choice of visuals depends on the business field. For designing your brand’s visual content strategy you should answer to several questions around which you will develop your brand’s later. The first thing is that you should understand what message you have for your users, then decide your brand’s concept and finally the aim of your business.


While editing your visuals by photoshop or any other tool take into account the fact that you have just a few seconds to deliver the content to users. Remember that your photo appears in the newsfeed of users next to other publications and it must clearly indicate your brand. You can use logos, colours associated with your brand and it is also preferable to edit the photos in the same style to raise your brand identification.


Many famous brands such as Nike, Coca Cola, Starbucks can publish posts without using logos and even in this case the concept of the visual is connected with the concept of the brand. Of course, this comes by time when the brand awareness problem is solved.

For example, if you present cafe or restaurant photos  should give the idea of the atmosphere in which the user will appear by visiting you. The photo should be attractive, but also real: firstly not to leave the impression of stock photo.


Of course it is not difficult to find professional food photos. But if they, inspired by those photos, visit your cafeteria and not get the same emotions, it will only hurt your activities.


The atmosphere of the place can be transferred by colors and associations. For example, if you take photos of the dishes  then the colors should be taken from the interior or visual identity elements, to form the right image of the place.


Depending on the fields and on the certain post it is possible to use a stock photo, anyway, in this case it is recommended to use licensed photos and even if it is not possible and you use royalty free images make sure the watermarks and overall image are edited according to your brand style.


Areas are diverse, so there can be no definite rules, but we can assure that relevant and qualified visuals will only be useful for your business promotion.

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